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Phytic acid is an Anti nutrient that is contained in all grains and it interferes with the absorption of nutrients in the body. It is a very reactive acid that depletes our body of essential nutrients. It is one of the main reasons for creating inflammatory reaction.
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Grains is the most consumed food type and particlarly popular in the form of bread. To minimise phytic acid damage , it is necessary to presoak, presprout or ferment grains before making it into dough.
Here is the recipe you could try.

Recipe for bread with minimised phytic acid grains.
Basic sourdough sprout bread.
Ingredients :
2 cups wheat or quinoa or rye sprouts
Method .
1. Blend wheat sprouts with a little water in food processor till smooth dough is formed
2. Cover dough and leave overnight in warm place to sour.
3. Shape into flat loaf and bake in oven for 5 hours at 150 ¤c
You can add soaked raisins and cinnamon to make sweet variety.

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