Anti-parasite diet, fermented food and more

Anti-parasite diet is the key to successful healing of the body from chronic symptoms. Fermented food will contribute to success.
Fermentation is an old tradition in many cultures. It is a way to preserve vegetables for the cold season, and one of the best ways to supply enzymes, vitamins and minerals. But most importantly it is a way to provide probiotics - live bacteria that are good for your health, especially your digestive system.

We usually think of bacteria as something that causes diseases. But your body is full of bacteria, both good and bad. Probiotics are often called “good” or “helpful” bacteria because they help keep your gut healthy. It helps to keep not only bad bacteria under control, but will also contribute a great deal to anti-parasite cleaning program.

Do you know that the human body consists of about 100 trillion cells. Only 10% of these cells make up solid aspects of the body (muscles, bones, tissue etc) and in healthy body about half of the cells are bacterial. Roughly 100 trillion microorganisms call your body “home “ Read more about biological body in the book “ Decoding the human body-field “ So this is in a healthy body. What about a body with chronic symptoms? In a body where the immune system is not functioning parasites and bacteria grow in larger numbers and on their own become a health hazard.

A parasite is an organism that lives inside our bodies, feeding off either our own energy, our own cells or the food we eat, and even feeding off the health supplements we use. During parasite cleaning program or when you just want to maintain good health it is important that your diet consists of the right food.

Parasites are one of the organism on this planet that have a very high survival rate. Parasites thrive on the food that we eat. This is why it is important to add ingredients to your diet that can weaken parasites. When there are symptoms of parasites overgrowth, medicinal herbs should be included as a part of anti-parasite program.

Here is your check list for parasite symptoms :
Teeth Grinding During Sleep
Bed Wetting
Disturbed Sleep – Multiple Awakenings
Uncontrollable hunger eating more than normal BUT still feeling hungry

Chronic Constipation
Gas & Bloating
Digestive Problems
Explosive bowel movements (very soon after eating)
Abdominal Pain
Mucus in the Stools
Burning feeling in the Stomach
Bloody Stools
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Low Energy
Dry Skin
Dry Hair
Brittle Hair
Hair Loss
Itchy Nose
Itchy Anus
Itchy Skin
Allergic Reactions to Food
Crawling Sensation Under the Skin
Weeping Eczema
Mood Swings
Unclear Thinking
Muscle Pain
Joint Pain
Muscle Cramping
Numbness of the Hands and/or Feet
Heart Pain
Pain in The Navel
Pain in the Back, Thighs or Shoulders
Arthritic Pains
Fast Heartbeat
Male Impotence
Erectile Dysfunction
Candida – Yeast Infections
Urinary Tract Infections
Cysts & Fibroids
Menstrual Problems
Prostate Problems
Water Retention
Excessive Saliva
Unclear Vision
Bad Breath
Poor Immune Response
Respiratory Problems
Chronic Viral or Bacterial Symptoms
Body Odor

How to make fermented food:

It is easy to make fermented food at home. You only need a vegetable of your choice and salt. To speed up process you can add probiotic bacterias. I use my probiotic supplements to start fermentation ,open 2 capsules for every 1 kg. of vegetables.

fermented vegetables in glas
This link can give you a lot practical information on this topic

Simple sauerkraut recipe

1. 4 or 5 heads of red or green cabbage, shredded;
2. 1/4 cup sea salt;

1. Place the shredded cabbage little by little in your fermentation jar, pounding it vigorously and sprinkling some with the sea salt as you go.
2. Make sure the mixture fills the jar up to no more than 1 inch below the top (because of the expansion), adding more if needed, and that the extracted water covers the vegetables entirely. If not, create a brine of 2 tablespoons sea salt to 4 cups water and add it to the cabbage.
3. Press the vegetables and keep them under the brine by placing a plate or a lid on top weighted down by a rock or a jug of water. Cover with a clean towel if needed to keep out fruit flies.
4. Place the fermentation jar in a warm spot in your kitchen and allow the sauerkraut to ferment for 7 to 10 days.
5. Check on it from time to time to be sure that the brine covers the vegetables and to remove any mold that may form on the surface.
6. A good way to know when it’s ready is to taste it during the fermentation process and move it to the refrigerator when you’re satisfied with the taste.
This link will give you many good ideas on fermentation :

Another great ingredient is Aloe Vera, Coconut, Cranberry drink. Drinking this on empty stomach can “make your day“. You simply mix 100 ml. fresh coconut water or 50 ml. coconut cream with 60 ml. Aloe Vera Juice, and 30 ml. Cranberry juice. In we have this mixture ready made available. Only add coconut. here is the link

Anti parasitic culinary herbs can also be used in daily cooking:

This is the list of herbs :
Garlic , Oregano , Clove , Peppermint , Black cumin , Thyme , Fennel , Rosemary , Cinnamon , Coriander , Ginger , Kelp , Turmeric , Cayenne , Orange peels , Lemons , Fenugreek , paprika , tarragon

Supportive food that can help your parasite cleaning program is:

Fermented food, Carrots, Cranberries, Ginger, Coconut, Papaya and its seeds, hawthorn berries, sunflower seeds, vinegar, Chinese prunes, black pepper, onions.

For children you can use onion like this:
Mash fresh onion and mix it with 2 table spoons of sesame oil. Eat this on empty stomach 2 times a day for 3 days.

For ascaris worms for children:
Mush garlic and mix with Vaseline, apply around anus every night for 3 days.
All anti-parasite food should be taking on empty stomach for better effect.

Bilberry. Success of this treatment for ascaris parasitism ( has been proved by Dr. Schneider , Children Hospital of the University of Helsinki ( Finland )
Ascaris are small worms usually live in the intestines of children. The remedy is: to puree fresh or cooked berries and eat only that over 3 days. Can drink water and milk. No other food is consumed.

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