Absolutely delicious remedy for sore throat and cold symptoms.

Irresistibly delicious remedy made in form of milk shake, for acute conditions with sore throat, fever, lack of appetite. Good for young children too!

Quite often people ask me what can they eat during acute symptoms when temperature is high and appetite is low.
The recipe that i have come up with turned out to be so delicious that i decided to share it with all of you.
Most ingredients that are used in this recipe are traditionally used holistic medicinal remedies known as “barefoot” doctors medicine.
Coconut milk - boosting the immune system and energy
Alveola Immune complex - (goji berries, mangosteen, noni, acai berries, camu-camu and aloe vera) combination of natural juices high in vitamin C and antioxidant to boost energy and immune system
Raspberries - immune support, urinal system tonic, kidney tonic
Strawberries - strengthens digestion, lubricates sore throat, calms cough and increase appetite
Lemon - reduces sore through regulation of energy flow, high in vitamin C - immune support
Sea Bucktorn berry - high vitamin C content , immune support
Ginger - anti bacterial traditionally used for cold and flu prevention and treatment Honey - antiviral and anti - bacterial

Ingredients :
200 ml of chilled coconut milk
30 ml. Alveola Immune complex http://alveola.dk/produkt/immune-complex/ 150 gr. of mixed and frozen strawberries, raspberries, see hawthorn berries ( see hawthorn berries i pick myself in Autumn time and freeze them for winter use )For cold without high temperature use fresh (not
frozen) berries
1 Tbsp. of fresh lemon juice
1 tsp of fresh ginger juice
1Tbsp. of honey ( i used one with pollen )

Blend all ingredients on high speed in smoothie mixer . Enjoy !

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